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About IKKF

The Kojosho Kempo is deeply rooted in China and even though change is inevitable, the style has retained a classical motion and signature. The early sets of this unique method were examples of how animal movement can translate into offensive and defensive theories. Exploration of more possibilities led to the emergence of the Element concept. Over time, Masters used this guide to create new and sometimes expanded sets and to devise Kata. These sets, taught in order of progressive difficulty, ultimately link into one long form worked solo or with a partner.

The last forty years have seen the Kojosho grow progressively to more closely resemble modern Karate-Do. The power driving this change was the inclusion of the Pinon Kata to facilitate the teaching of basic techniques and the kata Basai and Kusanku for their global recognition for competition and grading. Additionally, the International Kojosho Karate Federation formed in 1976 announced in its mission statement the goal of "Preserving the works of past Masters" exposing the senior most student to different Kata and the pervasive influence of Japanese Karate-Do.

Mr. Fred Absher, utilizing the concept of Chinese two-person Kata as a vehicle, blended the dynamic Japanese basic technique with the continuous and explosive free fighting technique of Korean Tae Kwon Do, resulting in a system that emphasizes natural and continuous motion for the study of self defense and fitness.

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